Postdoctoral Scholars

We are always interested in hearing from intelligent, motivated individuals whose research interests align with the lab’s. Please send a CV, cover letter, and contact information for three references to Prof. Heinemann.

Candidates should have conducted Ph.D. research in bioengineering, microbiology, molecular biology, synthetic biology, biophysics, chemical engineering, or a closely related field. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the following areas, with expertise in one or more of the topics: microfluidics, single-cell analysis, time-lapse microscopy, metabolic modeling or metabolism. The candidates could either have wet or dry lab experience.

In fact, we currently have one concrete opening for a postdoc in metabolic modeling / computational systems biology: Within the EU project Gain4Crops, which aims at developing improved plants with increased CO2 assimilation, together with experimentalists, we will develop a thermodynamic/stoichiometric model for Arabidopsis, as we have recently done for yeast and E. coli (Niebel et al, 2019, Nature Metabolism) and which has shown to have excellent predictive capabilities. The developed model will be used to design new engineering strategies. For this work, we will collaborate with research groups in France and Germany. Please apply until end of March 2020.

Prospective PhD Students

Please email Dr. Heinemann with information about your background and why you are interested in working in the group.

(Under-)graduate Students

February 2020: We are actively looking for Master student researchers to join the lab in spring 2020. Please email Dr. Heinemann regarding next steps. Ambitious, motivated bachelor students who would like to gain lab experience should email Dr. Heinemann for more information.